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Video Tutorials

Below you will find links to the Chemistry Tutorial Videos for the Allied Health Series (CHEM 309/305/306). Videos are archived in the Flash and QuickTime video formats. Be sure to have the latest version of your preferred video player.


Introductory Video Lecture Outlines

Intro Part 1: Chem 309 Resources (    )   This video will help you navigate both on-line and physical resources for our course.

Intro Part 2:  Underlying Basic Knowledge (  )  These concepts will run through the entire course.

Intro Part 3:  Intro to Matter and Measurement (  )



Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry


Electronic Structure, Ionic Compounds, & Intro to Oxidation & Reduction (Redox)


Covalent Compounds, Lewis Structures, & 3-D Shapes


Polarity & Intermolecular Forces (IMFs)


The Mole & Balancing Reactions


Chemical Reactions


Solids, Liquids, & Gases


Hydrocarbons & their Structure


Hydrocarbon Nomenclature with Chirality


Organic Functional Groups - Introduction and Nomenclature


Functional Groups - A Closer Look




Acids & Bases


Functional Groups Reactions


Intro to Biochemistry & Carbohydrates 




Proteins & Enzymes


Nucleic Acids