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  • Below you will find links to the Chemistry Tutorial Videos for the Allied Health Series (CHEM 309/305/306). Videos are archived in the Flash and QuickTime video formats. Be sure to have the latest version of your preferred video player.


    Introductory Video Lecture Outlines


    Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry

    Electronic Structure, Ionic Compounds, & Intro to Oxidation & Reduction (Redox)

    Covalent Compounds, Lewis Structures, & 3-D Shapes

    Polarity & Intermolecular Forces (IMFs)

    The Mole & Balancing Reactions

    Chemical Reactions

    Solids, Liquids, & Gases

    Hydrocarbons & their Structure

    Hydrocarbon Nomenclature with Chirality

    Organic Functional Groups - Introduction and Nomenclature

    Functional Groups - A Closer Look


    Acids & Bases

    Functional Groups Reactions

    Intro to Biochemistry & Carbohydrates


    Proteins & Enzymes

    Nucleic Acids


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