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Optical Properties of Gold Nanoparticles

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    The module is designed as a sequence of class activities and provides a set of experimental data (TEM images, size and size distribution analyses, and absorbance vs. concentration data) that can be downloaded from this site. Alternatively, if the instructor has access to a transmission electron microscope and a UV-VIS spectrophotometer, the module could be used in the context of a lab experiment where students, divided in small groups, can conduct gold nanoparticle syntheses exploring different experimental parameters. The lab outcome is a comparison of optical properties for gold nanoparticles synthesized under different conditions of reagents ratio and pH.

    Sections are designed to be modular in their format and can be used relatively independently. They can also be implemented at different levels of guidance to students.

    Experimental Data

    • Absorbance Data (Excel)
    • Particle Size Data (Excel)
    • Size Distribution Data (Excel)
    • Visible Spectra (Excel)
    • 2-1 pH 5.4 (Image)

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