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Quality Control Analysis for a Local Brewery

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    A laboratory project for instrumental analysis with the theme of quality control for a local microbrewery is described. The analyses of important flavor and aroma compounds can be easily modified to work with a variety of instruments and wet chemical techniques. Learning objectives, an instructor’s manual, project calendar, assignments, and grading rubrics are provided. The instructor’s manual provides a framework for creating a student-centered learning experience, strategies for implementation, TA guidance, and cost estimates.

    Assignments and Grading Rubrics

    • Upland Brewery Letter (PPoint, PDF)
    • Group Contract (Word, PDF)
    • Literature Search Assignment (Word, PDF)
    • Choosing the Best Method Group Assignment (Word, PDF)
    • Progress Report (Word, PDF)
    • Instructions for Written Report (Word, PDF)
    • Instructions for Preparing a Poster (Word, PDF)
    • Project Planning Assignment (Word, PDF)
    • Written Report Grading Rubric (Word, PDF)
    • Poster Grading Rubric (Word, PDF)
    • Peer Evaluation (Word, PDF)
    • End of Project Survey (Word, PDF)


    • Laboratory Project Assessment (Word, PDF)
    • Copy of a paper required to complete the assessment (PDF)

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