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    • Homework 0: Basics
      Homework 0 covers basics that should be mastered on first day, including black body radiation, units, derivatives, integrals and Taylor expansions. No due date.
    • Homework 1
      Week 1 homework addresses:  Black-body radiation, photoelectric effect and hydrogen atom emission. Due 10/7/2020.
    • Homework 2
      Week 2 homework addresses: de Broglie wavelengths, Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, and wave equations (and their solutions). Due 10/14/2020.
    • Homework 3
      Week 3 homework addresses: Schrödinger equation, eigenstate/eigenvalue problems, particle in a box, and expectation values. Due 10/21/2020.
    • Homework 4
      Week 4 homework addresses: normalizing wavefunctions, particle in a box, commutators, basic vibrations, and the quantum harmonic oscillator. Due 10/28/2020.
    • Homework 5
      Week 5 homework addresses: vibrations and rotations of diatomic molecules. Due 11/4/2020.