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Three Major Projects

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    There will be three main projects in this course:

    1. Master theories and principles of inorganic chemistry and biology.
    2. Apply #1 in "My Molecule Project". In this project, you will chose a bioinorganic system to study in depth, you will create 3D animations and models of this system, and you will teach others about it in a presentation.
    3. WISEWiki Project (Women in Science and Engineering Wikipedia Project): This project is somewhat independent of the first two, and will allow you to explore social constructs and their impact on you as a woman in STEM. However, you can leverage your technical training and integrate the rest of this course's material to complete many of these assignments.

    You will be working on all of these projects at the same time; they are not sequential. In projects 2 and 3 you will use software for 3D manipulation, you'll even do 3D printing, and you will contribute to online media (Wikipedia, YouTube, and LibreText)! These parts of the course will involve peer review.

    There will be no exams in this course. Exams encourage bad study habits (memorizing and then forgetting). Let's see if you can be a better learner under different circumstances! Your performance will be judged on your work in the three projects above, through which you must demonstrate your mastery of inorganic principles in writing and other media forms.


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