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  • Women and underrepresented groups in Science and Engineering Wikipedia (WISEWiki) Project

    Your Saint Mary's College education is unique. Through the Sophia program, you have the opportunity to discuss topics with your Science and Engineering faculty and peers which are important to your success, but are not part of a traditional chemistry curriculum. In this course, you will take advantage of the opportunities opened up by the Sophia program. You will read scientific articles about a softer side of Science and Engineering - the social constructs and biases that we deal with every day in our profession. You will explore implicit biases related to gender and consider the theories of stereotype threat and imposture syndrome. Most importantly, you will explore strategies to combat the effects of these social constructs. As a significant part of this project, you will research a scientist who represents a group that is underrepresented in science, and you will contribute to a Wikipedia article about them. Read about why we are doing this here (click).

    Through this project, you will also learn how knowledge is constructed, and you will gain skills in digital literacy. I hope that this experience will help you in your life, career, and scholarship outside of this class (see how Wikipedia Projects like this help combat fake news).


    Why Women's Representation on Wikipedia Matters:

    Why should we write on Wikipedia? Why should we write about women and underrepresented groups on Wikipedia? This page (click) will give you the information you need to answer this question. Please read the article at this web address if it does not load below.


    Steps to Enroll in WiSEWIKI 

    1. Protect your privacy. Please choose a username that would NOT ALLOW OTHERS TO IDENTIFY YOU! (I will know who you are!)
    2. Enroll in our WiSEWIKI Wikipedia course using this link (click).


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