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Get Ready!

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    Required tasks to complete before the first day of class:

    1. Read all the pages in the Start Here Module and complete the tasks described (about one hour)
    2. Follow the instructions to download and get acquainted with UCSF Chimera (about one hour).
    3. Enroll in our WiSEWIKI Wikipedia course (use this link) and complete the Pre-Semester Training and Discussion 1 assignments (about two hours)
    4. Go to the AGENDA (link above in the title bar) and complete all additional tasks under the section titled Week 0: Orientation and Pre-semester Training  (this may take several hours).
    5. Read and review material from prerequisite chemistry courses, especially if you struggle with anything in STEP 4!

    Get prepared for the semester!

    After you have read the pages (including the syllabus and the linked articles) and completed the tasks in this "Start Here" module, its time to prepare for your semester. Here are some required tasks to help you get a jump on your semester and start on the right foot.

    1. Get out your calendar (google calendar is highly recommended) and plan at least 9-12 hours per week to work on this course.
    2. Now that you have your calendar in front of you, fill out the when is good poll to let me know when you are available for meetings (like office hours and problem sessions).
    3. Look ahead to Week 1 on the AGENDA.

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