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    Welcome to Bioinorganic Chemistry and Materials!

    Your syllabus can be found at this link. You must be logged in to your Saint Mary's College google account to access the syllabus. The syllabus is a google document on which you can make suggestions and comments. If you have a question about something on your syllabus, please add a comment with your question. The most important part of your syllabus is the schedule on the last few pages. This schedule contains a list of major due dates, and I will update it when necessary. You should read the entire syllabus. If you have questions about course structure, grading, or anything else, please add a comment or send me an email!

    A  detailed Course Agenda is also available on LibreTexts on the main course page for CHEM 342 (this should mirror the information in your syllabus schedule).

    Expected Learning Outcomes:

    The learning outcomes for this course include mastery of chemistry concepts, and much much more!

    Your expected learning outcomes are:

    This is a group photo of the students in Spring 2018 CHEM342.
    We all worked hard, learned a lot, and had fun in this course, and I hope you do too!
    • Describe advanced bonding theories (Molecular Orbital Theory and Ligand Field Theory) and apply appropriate models to explain the structure and function of bioinorganic molecules.
    • Describe the factors that contribute to periodic trends (Ionization energy, Atomic and ionic size, Electron configurations) and apply trends appropriately to explain the structure and function of bioinorganic molecules.
    • Describe principles of coordination chemistry and apply appropriate principles to explain the structure and function of bioinorganic molecules
    • Media and information literacy 
    • Writing skills
    • Critical thinking and research skills
    • Collaboration skills
    • Mastery at communicating science to any type of audience
    • Mastery of software for manipulation of 3D images
    • 3D printing skills
    • Identify and describe implicit biases
    • Construct strategies to combat bias and the negative impacts of stereotype threat and imposter syndrome


    Your Course Leaders 

    You have two leaders for this course: Kathryn Haas and Amy Houser.

    Dr. Kathryn Haas, Associate Professor


    Hello! I have been teaching classes and mentoring undergraduate research at Saint Mary's College since 2012. My research specialty is in the interdisciplinary field of bio-inorganic chemistry. I have a Ph.D. in chemistry from Duke University's Graduate School, as well as a certificate degree in biologically inspired materials and material systems from Duke's Pratt School of Engineering. I am also "mommy" to an energetic two-year old, with baby girl #2 due to arrive toward the end of this semester! You can learn more about me at my website.

    I will hold office hours by appointment. Even though I ask you to make an appointment, I aim to be available to you as much as you need me. The appointment policy is in place so that I am always in my office when you expect me. Please check out my office hours schedule here (click). You can also find a link to my appointments schedule at the bottom of any email from me, or on my website.

    **The best way to contact me is to make an appointment or send me an email.

    Mrs. Amy Houser, Professional Specialist 

    Amy-Houser.jpgHi, I have been teaching at Saint Mary's College since 2006. My masters is from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Analytical Chemistry. I am blessed to have two daughters both currently at Saint Mary's. I will be holding office hours on Tuesday and Thursdays from 12:30 - 2:00 or by appointment. Please email me ( to set up a time outside office hours. 

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