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Master Foundational Theories of Inorganic Chemistry

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  • All of the fundamental course content is available to you through the weekly learning modules. You will be guided week-by-week through all course content. Due dates are listed on the agenda.

    Pre-Class Reading and Problem Assignments

    You will have daily reading assignments, which should be done in preparation for class. You will be directed to online materials for each class session, but I encourage you to use outside texts and resources as needed. Each reading assignment is accompanied by a problem set. I expect you to be able to explain each problem to your classmates when you arrive in class; and you will do so on the classroom whiteboard. You can annotate your work during class and problem sets will be collected at the end of each class period.

    In-Class Group Work

    In class, you will spend time working in groups on guided problem sets. It is important that you read ahead of time so that you are able to keep up and contribute to your group's progress. It is important that you are ready to participate and stay on task during class each day. During class, you should focus on gaining deep understanding as you progress through the guided problem set. This is your opportunity to discuss material with your peers and with your instructor.

    Weekly Writing Assignment

    After class once or twice a week, you will answer an essay question. You must demonstrate your understanding of material by answering these questions thoroughly but concisely, using appropriate terms, and with appropriate writing mechanics.

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