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    Vertical Farming Logo 2018 biteless.jpg

    DVC Vertical Farming Project Wiki

    What is a Vertical Farm?
    According to the, the terms "vertical farm" mean "A building in which crops are grown commercially in multiple layers or levels".

    What is Aquaponics?

    Aquaponics refers to any system that combines conventional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment.

    Who are we?

    We are Diablo Valley College's Vertical Farming Project, a student-driven project that formally began in Spring of 2017. We work as team, where our members come from a variety of educational backgrounds, to create a valid, functional vertical farming system, specifically an aquaponics system. Also we hope to educate the community about the benefits and details of our aquaponics farm. For an official mission statement, click here.

    How do we relate to Diablo Valley College, and by extension, the community?

    Surprisingly yet inevitably, numerous universities across America have taken a deep interest in vertical farming. This article showcases Brown University's initiative in creating fresh crops on their campus. Each picture reveals a variety of skill sets from different educational practices, such as engineering, being combined to create a working system. Here at DVC's Vertical Farming Project, we also aim to have a working system but strive beyond the norm by incorporating fish (which could possibly aid fish population for the future) and more non-STEM skill sets in our team. Another unique aspect of our team lies within our drive to publish our valid data to the public and educating them through various mean.

    Welcome new V-Farming Students and Volunteers!

    Introductory Section

    (This section is not to be posted on the Public page!)

    Thank you joining our collaborative efforts to produce something fresh and innovative beyond green crops. We appreciate your time and hope to smoothly transition you into this project. Please read this section carefully, and please feel free to contact the team's email,, for questions or comments related to the project or other team members. Anyone involved in the project can have access as well; here is the gmail's password: f00vation (those are zeros). Do NOT post or share password to anywhere or to anyone outside of this ChemWiki page!!!

    So, let's start with the concepts of aquaponics. Not to worry. These links are mainly to introduce you to the details involved in building an aquaponics system. Here is a list of strongly recommended media to read/watch through to get a grasp of the system:

    1. "Vertical Farming – TechKnow": Why is Vertical Farming growing to be a popular topic when it comes to food? Well, this short youtube video takes you on a joyride through restaurants that use vertical farming!
    2. "Aquaponics Reference Paper": The FAO, Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, obviously has its eyes on vertical farming methods. They were so interested that they made a simple introductory handout for what an aquaponic system generally has.
    3. "Growing Roots...": The Discovery Channel dug into vertical farming via a 23-minute Youtube video. Become inspired by Singapore's unique and robust initiatives in vertical farming! As you keep watching, the timestamp shortens while your knowledge lengthens (vertically).
    4. "Ten Guidelines for Aquaponic Systems": Please read this article! It describes the essentials of an aquaponics system – an essential knowledge for the work to come.

    There is also a Reference page in the actual homepage below. Just click on the blue "Reference Material" label. The page contains definitions, more links to videos/articles, powerpoint files, etc. that can help understand the finer details.

    Note: If you would like a printed copy of the written articles above, please let one of the lead managers know. Or send an email to the project's email.

    As for the rest of the Chemwiki page, you are free to explore all the links and such, and edit and post anything as long as these changes relate to our project. Again send a message via the team's Slack or email the team's gmail if you have any questions about using ChemWiki and someone will respond as fast as he/she can.

    We hope you will gain a vast amount of knowledge and collect multiple experiences for your future. We hope you also have fun with us!

    Our Working Goals

    A "working goal" means a plan that we need to finish at least within the current semester, or else, that plan has to be carried over to finish in the next semester. This section shows what currently must be done as quickly as possible - or our system will stall and the project could possibly come to a halt. Please edit (take out or add) goals as we complete parts of or encounter problems within the system. Order shouldn't matter for this list should constantly be changing.

    1. Create a final User Interface to collect enough operational data
    2. Type out a Procedures Manual about setting up and functioning the system. It should include all technical data about biochemistry tolerances and complex equillbria.
    3. Document the day-to-day operations and software guide.
    4. Create an official CAD blueprint for green house and aquaponics system when designs finalized.
    5. Change working blueprint(s) as the system changes in real time.
    6. Produce a variety of communications material, especially for the ChemWiki platform, to present to the public.
    7. Track Inventory as Items are ordered and received.
    8. Find food source and develop an automated method for feeding the selected fish, California Roach.
    9. Ensure that software can accurately read, calibrate and record to a database sensor values.
    10. Evaluate the sensor data so that they are accurate.
    11. Engage appropriate automated response via actuators and robotics.
    12. Meet and collaborate with international project investigators.

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    General Design Plan:

    VF Official General Diagram1.jpg

    Location of Horticulture Area:

    DVC Campus Map.jpgDVC Horticulture Front.JPGDVC Horticulture Sign.JPG

    Main Project Divisions (B.I.T.E.):


    Information Technology


    General Purpose Pages:

    Spring Semester 2018: Final Project Summary

    Inventory & Fish Tank

    Photo "Album"

    Questions & Answers Page

    Reference Material

    Social Media

    *Contacts in VF_Contacts excel file at bottom of page. Please replace the file with updated version if you add info.

    DVC Project Organization is shared under a not declared license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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