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Our Official Mission Statement

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    "The Vertical Farming Project is a student-created and student-driven multidisciplinary learning/teaching platform centered around the automation and combine aquaculture with vertical Hydroponic towers, giving way to Aquaponics. This platform simultaneously educates students in a wide variety of STEM and non-STEM related fields: architecture, advertisement, botany, computer leadership, civil engineering, computer coding, design, hydrology, ichthyology (study of fish), and more. The system is designed with modularity (working on one part of the system at a time) in mind, so future students can enhance and alter portions of the system.

    The platform is an open source and open project design that allows anyone to access and use our design and software. We work on the project by convening in person and communicating via ChemWiki (Libre Texts). The open design and educational platform have garnered interest internationally, such as the interest of Tshingua University, the premier computer science, engineering and robotics university in China. Thanks to this interest, a potential for this platform has risen, leading to the project's replication in thousands of educational institutions across China. Our project could also interest other national and international potential collaborators for building a new food source via an educational platform that is modular enough flexible enough to fit their needs."

    – Ryan Gilardy, former Project Director

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