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6: Lipids

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    • 6.1: What are lipids?
      Lipids are defined, their basic structural features are described, and their categories are listed.
    • 6.2: Fatty acyls
      Structural features of fatty acids, prostaglandins, and waxes, their nomenclature, importance, and uses are described.
    • 6.3: Glycerolipids
      Glycerolipids are defined, and the difference in composition and properties of fats and oils and their chemical reactions, including hydrolysis, saponification, and hydrogenation is described.
    • 6.4: Glycerophospholipids
      Glycerophospholipids are defined, and classification, structural features, and their role in snake poisoning and infant respiratory distress syndrome are described that allow them to organize into lipid bilayers in the watery environment of cells.
    • 6.5: Sphingolipids
      Sphingolipids, their subclasses, their role in signal conduction in the nervous system, and their role in multiple sclerosis are described.
    • 6.6: Saccharolipids, polyketides, and prenols
      Structurals of saccharolipids, polyketides, and prenols and terms related to terpenes, including mono-, sesqui-, di-, and tri-terpenes are described.
    • 6.7: Sterols
      Sterols, particularly cholesterol, bile salts, and steroid hormones, and their functions, production, consumption, and associated medical problems are described.
    • 6.8: Cell membrane
      Cell membrane, its composition and control of fluidity, and three modes of transport are described: diffusion, facilitated transport, and active transport.

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