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7.17: Microscale Extractions

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    Table 7.16: Procedural summary for microscale extractions.

    Pour contents and solvent into a conical vial or centrifuge tube with tapered end.

    As these containers are prone to tipping, stabilize them in a beaker or inverted cork ring.

    Mix the solutions by one of these methods:

    • Cap and shake the vial for 10-20 seconds (no need to vent periodically).
    • Withdraw and vigorously expunge the bottom layer through the top layer by pipette for roughly 1 minute.

    Separate the layers by pipette, always withdrawing the bottom layer first (even if the bottom layer is not desired).

    Place the pipette tip all the way to the bottom of the tapered end.

    If difficulty arises in removing a residual drop, withdraw some of both layers into the pipette, allow the layers to separate in the pipette, then delicately expunge the bottom layer.

    Remove the top layer with a fresh pipette if saving.

    If the top layer is to be further extracted, leave it in the vial and add fresh solvent.

     Label each layer.

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