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Material for Exam 3

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  • Material for Exam 3


    q = mCsdeltaT

    Law of conservation of energy:

    Heat of reaction

    deltaH = qrxn/mol reactant



    qrxn = -qcalorim

    Bomb calorimetry

    Coffee-cup calorimetry

    deltaH° = Sum deltaHf°(product) -Sum deltaDHf°(reactants)

    Electromagnetic Radiation

    C = (Lambda)(Nu)

    The photoelectric effect


    Ephoton = hn = hC/l

    De broglie wavelength

    Bohr Atom

    E = RH(1/ni2 – 1/nf2)

    Quantum Mechanics

    Principal quantum number (n)

    Orbital angular momentum (l)

    ml is the magnetic quantum number

    Fourth quantum number (ms) refers to the electron spin of each electron

    Paul Exclusion Principle

    Hund’s rule

    Orbital shapes

    Filling orbital boxes

    Electronic configuration

    Diamagnetic & Paramagnetic definition

    Electronic configurations of cations and anions

    Atomic Radius

    Atomic Radius of ions

    Ionization Energy

    Electron affinity, EA

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