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Material for Exam 1

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    Definitions of: Atom, molecule, chemistry

    Definition of: Hypothesis, theory, scientific law, experiment, scientific method

    Pure substance vs. mixture

    Element vs. compound

    Heterogeneous vs. homogeneous

    Physical change vs. chemical change

    Physical properties vs chemical property

    SI units

    Fahrenheit, Celsius, & Kelvin Conversion

    Intensive property, vs extensive property

    Density Calculations

    Unit conversions

    Significant Figures

    Law of conservation of mass

    Law of definite proportions

    Millikan’s Oil drop experiment

    Rutherford Nuclear Atom

    Elemental symbols



    Mass numbers and atomic mass

    Finding the averaged atomic weight

    The Mol

    Molar Mass

    Periodic Law

    The Periodic Table: The Groups

    Inorganic Nomenclature

    Molecular and Ionic Compounds

    Molecular Formulas

    Molar Masses of Compounds

    Percent composition

    Empirical Formulas

    Empirical Formula from percent composition

    Combustion Analysis

    Balancing equations

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