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10.3.1: Control Panel

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    For administrators there is an additional choice of Control Panel at the top of  the right hand menu when they login to the Conductor 



    The Control Panel provides LibreTexts and Campus administrators tools to manage their Conductor instances.

    Control Panel


    Master Tools Panel

    The first three tools in the Master Tools panel access databases populated from forms accessible in the conductor, 

    • Account Requests View Account Requests submitted to the Conductor platform described here
    • Adoption Reports View Adoption Reports submitted to the Conductor platform described here
    • Harvesting Requests View and manage OER Integration Requests submitted to the Conductor Platform described here

    The last two tools are controlled through the Master Tools Panel

    • Organizations Manager View and manage Organizations on the Conductor platform
    • Homework Manager View and manage Homework resources listed on the LibreCommons

    The Organization Manager has the branding information entries for every LibreNET member organization.



    The Homework Manager is the database which populates the Homework dropdown in the Commons Blue Bar. It is synched daily at 12:30 AM PST to entries in the ADAPT Homework System.

    Campus Admin Tools

    The Books Manager is the database which populates the Commons Catalog. It is synched daily at 6:30 AM PST to the Libraries

    Books Manager



    Collections Manager is the database that manages Collections displayed through the Collections tab on the Commons Blue Bar. Administrators have the option to manage collections, adding or removing LibreTexts. 

    Campus administrators can use the Peer Review Rubric tab on the Campus Admin Tool Panel to specify/create a campus peer review rubric that will be  used for all Campus Books.

    The Campus Settings is the database that manages organizational details for LibreNET members which have their own branded Campus Commons. To access this Campus Admins need to first select their Campus Commons in the LibreTexts Commons before logging in to the Conductor.

    User Manager is a database of all Conductor users which provides information about the projects they are working on.

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