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10.1.2: Blue Bar

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    Below the image there is a Blue Bar with the entries Catalog, Libraries, Collections, Homework and Under Development


    Under Development

    Under development lists all projects for LibreTexts which are, of course, under development. If you know of an open resource that LibreTexts should include you can submit a request at Doing so will start a project for integration of the resource into LibreTexts. This will be discussed in the next section about the LibreTexts Conductor Project Management. Selecting the Under Development Button brings up a listing. 


    The three numbers are first, the percentage of the import that has been completed, peer review, and accessibility review. One of the advantages of your institution being a member of the LibreTexts network is that your submissions would be dealt with on a priority basis.


    Moving from right to left, the next button lists books for which homework is available.


    If you click on View Assignments you will see


    and if you click on View Courses 


    You can see the number of questions available in the ADAPT homework system, but without registering for an instructor's account in ADAPT you will not be able to see the questions.


    Collections are LibreTexts books from a single source.



    LibreTexts has 14 libraries


    and each library has a number of sections


    A detailed map can be found on the next page. You can go to the library directly or to any of the sections by clicking on the links



    Details about using the catalog can be found in section 10.4.


    10.1.2: Blue Bar is shared under a CC BY 1.3 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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