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10.1.4: Catalog

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    The catalog page is divided into two parts, the upper part allows searching for specific books, the lower provides links to individual books. If one expands the Advanced Search box

    Catalog Search


    The default search is in the centrally curated Central Bookshelves of the libraries, which presently hold 1,159 books. If one is interested in a custom book on the Campus Bookshelves and makes that selection, today there are 897 books. You can also restrict the search to a specific library, a subject in that library, an author, a campus or a publisher.

    Book Front Page

    After a book has been located you can click on it to bring up more information on the book


    Using the pane on the right one can quickly navigate to any page in the book. The blue box has selections to read the book from the beginning on line, download the complete PDF, buy a print copy through the LibreTexts bookstore, and download the Common Cartridge for integration of chapters and pages into an LMS. One can also submit an adoption report if the book is being used for a class, or a peer review.

    Adoption Report


    After selecting student or instructor a few questions appear


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