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10.2.1: Conductor Home

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    If you have logged in to the Conductor from the commons (discussed in the previous chapter) or go directly there, you will see a fairly simple page. Administrators will see a more complicated display which will be discussed later in this chapter



    The list on the far left is a set of self explanatory links most of which have been discussed in the previous chapter with the exception of My Alerts and Harvesting Requests.

    My Alerts are search terms that that you can set to be informed when something of interest to you has appeared on LibreTexts.

    Create Alert


    Harvest Requests are requests for integration of external OER that you would like to see integrated into LibreTexts, either for direct use or use in custom LibreTexts.

    OER Integration Request

    If you want to request an existing openly licensed resource be integrated into a LibreTexts library, please fill out and submit this form. This integration request will be tied to your Conductor account.

    Resource Format

    We can integrate OER content from nearly any format, although content in some formats requires more effort to integrate than others. If the requested resource exists online please enter the URL below. If the content format requires submiting a file to us, let us know in the comments and we'll contact you with more details.

    Priority Integration

    We try to prioritize integrating OER texts that people are ready to adopt in their classes. If you would like to use this text in your class you can fill out this section for priority consideration.

    *We try to integrate projects by the date they are needed but cannot guarantee this. If you have questions, you can always get in touch with the LibreTexts team.


    The top line in the Conductor is fairly self explanatory, Home is where you are now, Projects link you to your LibreTexts projects



    Projects takes you to projects you are working on, the search bar lets you see all of the projects in the Conductor, Libraries are direct links to each of the LibreTexts libraries, Tools are links to various technologies, the constructions forum and chat (don't depend on that at the moment). Your avatar at the end on the far right is for Logging out and changing your account settings and security information.


    At this point you should enter your project title, or a unique part of it into the search bar. Executing the search will produce a page for the search results


    You can, if you wish search for the projects that anyone is working on by putting their name into the search bar.

    At this point, if this is your first experience of the Conductor, you should move to the project by clicking on the title link.

    10.2.1: Conductor Home is shared under a CC BY 1.3 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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