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10.2.2: Project

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    We will discuss the project page starting at the top


    The three broken circles are a quick visualization of the status of the project. In this case the project/book has been completed, but peer review and accessibility have not been done/completed. Timeline, Peer Review and Accessibility will be discussed in following pages. More Tools lets you pin this project so it appears on your home page. Edit properties brings up another page. You can edit any of the properties

    Edit Project Properties


    Project Properties

    For settings and properties related to Peer Reviews, please use the Settings tool on this project's Peer Review page.

    Homework and Assessments

    Use this section to link your project's Commons page (if applicable) to an ADAPT assessment system course. Ensure the course allows anonymous users.

    Source Properties

    Use this section if your project pertains to a particular resource or tool.


    Additional Information

    You **can** `format` *your* notes!


    We now move on to the next section of the Project page 

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