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Molecular Classes

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    Compound Class General Structure Functional Group Example
    Alcohols GS alcohols-1.gif FG alcohols.gif EX alcohols-1.gif
    Aldehydes GS aldehydes.gif FG aldehydes.gif EX aldehydes.gif
    Alkanes GS alkane-1.gif None EX alkane.gif
    Alkenes GS alkenes-1.gif FG alkenes-1.gif EX alkenes.gif
    Alkynes GS alkynes-1.gif FG alkynes.gif EX alkynes.gif
    Amides GS amides.gif FG amides.gif EX amides.gif
    Amines GS amines.gif FG amines.gif EX amines.gif
    Anhydrides GS anhydrides.gif FG anhydrides.gif EX anhydrides.gif
    Aromatics GS aromatics.gif EX aromatics.gif EX aromatics.gif
    Carboxylic Acids GS carboxylic acids.gif FG carboxylic acids.gif EX carboxylic acids.gif
    Esters GS esters.gif FG esters.gif EX esters.gif
    Ethers GS ethers.gif FG ethers.gif EX ethers.gif
    Haloalkanes GS haloalkanes.gif FG haloalkanes.gif EX haloalkanes.gif
    Ketones GS ketones.gif FG ketones.gif EX ketones.gif
    Nitriles GS nitriles.gif FG nitriles.gif EX nitriles.gif
    Thiols GS thiols.gif FG thiols.gif EX thiols.gif

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