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  • Video 1: Unit Conversions

    Video 2: Density and Unit Conversion

    Video 3: Significant Digits

    Video 4: Scientific Notation

    Video 5: Scientific Notation and Calculators

    Video 6: Law of Conservation of Mass

    Video 7: Radioactivity

    Video 8: Atomic Structure and Isotopes

    Video 9: Periodic Table

    Video 10: Periodic Table and Atomic Structure

    Video 11: The Mole Concept and Balancing Chemical Equations

    Video 12: Mass Spectrometer and Percent Composition

    Video 13: Lewis Structures and Formation of Ionic Compounds

    Video 14: Predicting Ionic Charges and Formulas

    Video 15: Covalent Bonding and Compounds

    Video 16: Naming Alkanes I

    Video 17: Naming Alkanes II

    Video 18 Balancing Chemical Equations I

    Video 19: Balancing Chemical Equations II

    Video 20: Stoichiometry I

    Video 21: Stoichiometry II

    Video 22: Molarity and Neutralization

    Video 23: Limiting Reagent

    Video 24: Precipitation Reactions

    Video 25: Theory of Acids and Bases

    Video 26: Gases and Pressure

    Video 27: A Problem: Manometers

    Video 28: A problem: V vs. T

    Video 29: Gas Laws

    Video 30: Ideal Gas law

    Video 31: A Problem: Ideal Gas Law

    Video 32: Electromagnetic Spectrum: Wave and Frequency

    Video 33: Line Spectra: Emission and Absorption

    Video 34: Quantum Mechanics: Uncertainty Principle, Atomic Orbitals

    Video 35: Electron Configuration and Periodic Table I

    Video 36: Electron Configuration and Periodic Table II

    Video 37: Development of Periodic Table

    Video 38: Periodic Table and Atomic Structure

    Video 39: Electronegativity and Bond Polairty

    Video 40: Formal Charge