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7: Components of Optical Instruments for Molecular Spectroscopy in the UV and Visible

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    • 7.1: General Instrument Designs
    • 7.2: Sources of Radiation
      In this section four commonly encouterd light sources are described: the tungsten-halogen lamp, the deuterium lamp, and the xenon arc lamp.  Lasers are breifly described for their utility in chemistry and as an important example of a discrete wavelenght source.  Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are also described for their utility in chemisry and their incorporation in compact instruments for absorption spectroscopy.
    • 7.3: Wavelength Selectors
      In this section devices and optical elements used to select a band of wavelengths from a broadband or multi-line aoptical source are described. These devices and elements include monochromators, interference filters and cutoff filters.
    • 7.4: Sample Containers
      Cuvettes are briefly described as are common materials for cuvettes.
    • 7.5: Radiation Transducers
      In this section the radiation transducers commonly found in hand-held or benchtop optical instruments are described.  The list of these devices described in this section are (1) the vacuum phototube, (2) the photomultiplier tube and (3)  the silicon photodiode.  In addition, photodiode arrays and charge transfer devices are also described.
    • 7.6: Signal Processors and Readouts

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