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General Chemistry Equipment

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    Mortar and Pestle Beaker Tongs Buret
    mortar.jpg beakers.jpg tweezers.jpg buret3.jpg
    Good for grinding compounds. Used by all sciences. Tongs are often used to lift/move hot items. These are used in all of the various chemistries. Used in titrations.
    Rubber Policeman Spatulas Stir Bars Evaporating Dish (Crucibles)
    rubbpol.jpg spatulas.jpg stirbars.jpg Crucibles.jpg
    Used to scrape wet crystals from a flask. The rubber tip prevents scratching of the glass. scoop substances in small amounts used for stirring solution
    with the help of magnetic stir plate
    These are used for heating things over a bunsen burner. They are ceramic, and so are relatively flame resistant. Often placed on a ring (on a ring stand) or on a wire mesh on a ring.
    Cork Ring Flint Ring Disposable Pipet
    CorkRing.jpg flint.jpg ring.jpg microPipet.jpg
    Used to hold round bottom flasks, to prevent them from rolling around and falling, and to keep them from touching the benchtop. This is used for starting a flame or often a bunsen burner. A ring is used to hold things. In organic chemistry this is oftem used to hold a separatory funnel. In general chemistry this is used to hold wire mesh to heat things on. This is used in all of the chemistries for measuring out small quantities of a substance relatively imprecisely. Also often used as a dropper.

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