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NMR Appendix. Useful Charts for NMR identification

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  • Table of 13C NMR Frequencies Common in Organic Compounds.

    Note that effects are additive: two or more electron-withdrawing groups move the absorbance further to the left than just one group.

    Table of 1H NMR Frequencies Common in Organic Compounds.

    This chart shows the frequancies of protons that are attached to carbons. In general, protons follow the trend seen in the carbon to which they are attached. Note again the additive effects of multiple attached groups.

    This table does not include OH (or NH) protons. Protons attached to heteroatoms are more difficult to pinpoint because their locations in the spectrum are much less specific. Instead, they may be found across a very broad range.

    Table of 1H NMR Frequencies of OH Common in Organic Compounds.

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