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3: Virtual Experiment

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  • This experiment, available in pdf format, uses FTNMR Simulator, a program written by Dr. Harold Bell, professor emeritus at Virginia Tech to simulate an NMR experiment. Instrument parameters such as spectral width, number of data points, pulse width, noise, etc., are selected by the user. Once the FID is displayed, it can be treated by exponential smoothing or resolution enhancement. After the Fourier transform, phase corrections and baseline flattening may be applied. Spectra may be printed, or saved as Windows metafiles.

    To download the software, you can access the following website and download the FTNMR Simulator, mBytes).

    The program is also available in Spanish,, and French, A tutorial, wintutor.pdf (255 kBytes), to accompany this software is also available. It contains more than 20 exercises selected to help novices learn about FTNMR.

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