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NS15. Elim. Mechanism Factors

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    NS13. Factors Influencing the Elimination Mechanism

    The factors that influence whether an elimination reaction proceeds through an E1 or E2 reaction are almost exactly the same as the factors that influence the SN1/SN2 pathway. Cation stability, solvents and basicity play prominent roles.

    Problem NS13.1.

    By analogy with substitution reaction, in which elimination mechanism does cation stability play a strong role: E1 or E2?

    Problem NS13.2.

    Draw an example of an alkyl halide that is likely to undergo an E1 elimination.

    Problem NS13.3.

    By analogy with substitution reactions, what mechanism would be promoted by protic solvents: E1 or E2?

    Problem NS13.4.

    Basicity refers to the strength of the base. Which mechanism is more likely to occur with strong bases: E1 or E2?

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