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Synthesis of Amines

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    • Azide Reduction
    • Gabriel Synthesis
      The Gabriel synthesis is a great way to make primary amines. This alkylation procedure doesn’t produce ammonium salts like the SN2 reaction would. Potassium phthalimide is treated with base, then a primary alkyl halide, and then either hydrazine, acid, or base.
    • Preparation of Amines
    • Preparation of Amines1
      This page looks at the preparation of amines from halogenoalkanes (also known as haloalkanes or alkyl halides) and from nitriles.
    • The Leuckart Reaction
      The Leuckart Reaction is a useful procedure for the reductive alkylation of ammonia, 1º-, & 2º-amines, in which formic acid or a derivative thereof serves as the reducing agent.

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