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2: Life-Cycle Analysis

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    • 2.1: Introduction to Life Cycles
      Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a comprehensive life cycle approach that quantifies ecological and human health impacts of a product or system over its complete life cycle. It uses credible scientific methods to model steady-state, global environmental and human health impacts. It also helps decision-makers understand the scale of many environmental and human health impacts of competing products, services, policies or actions.
    • 2.2: LCA/LCIA Concepts
      Assumptions inherent in an LCA study are apt to change the results and conclusions derived from analysis. In addition, many different types of studies require various levels data collection and analysis. The goal and scope of a LCA defines its intent, targeted audience, and use. The intended use informs further decisions for scope, functional unit of comparison, and data collection.
    • 2.3: Conclusions and Review
      There are many tools to assist life cycle assessments. There are software and data packages designed for performing LCAs. No matter the form of the software, the use of some sort of LCA software and data management system is needed in LCAs. The life cycle inventory step of an LCA often requires a large data set listing hundreds of emissions to the environment.

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