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Theme-Based Lab Experience

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    An instructor’s guide to implementing a modular theme-based approach to the advanced analytical chemistry laboratory is provided. The guide provides information on student learning objectives, group dynamics, and grading, and provides examples of themes implemented at Butler University. Sample scenarios, student handouts, student reports, and grading rubrics are included in the online appendices.


    • Appendix A – A set of project proposal guidelines
    • Appendix B – An example scenario for a forensics module
    • Appendix C – Possible subject list for project selection within the forensics theme
    • Appendix D – An example report
    • Appendix E – An example of a final poster related to one project within the forensics theme
    • Appendix F – A laboratory report writing guide. Special thanks to Geoff Hoops, Butler University
    • Appendix G – An oral report grading guide
    • Appendix H – A poster preparation and grading guide
    • Appendix I – A laboratory report grading guide
    • Appendix J – A peer review guide and grading form. Special thanks to Jeremy Johnson, Butler University

    Please Note:

    The grading and evaluation rubrics were developed to encourage consistent grading and to set expectations for the students. These instruments have not been validated.

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