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Homework 13 (Due 5/6/16)

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    If the uncertainty of measuring the position of an electron is 2.0 Å, what is the uncertainty of simultaneously measuring its velocity? Hint: What formula deals with uncertainty of measurements?


    An old small balloon contains some oxygen. The diameter of the balloon is 2.5 X 10-5 m. What is the uncertainty velocity of an oxygen molecule that is trapped inside.


    Which of the wavefunctions below cannot have physical significance in the interval shown? Explain why?


    IF a beam of electrons with fixed kinetic energy E is incident on a potential barrier with a height of 6 eV and width of 0.7 nm. with \(E<V\). What is the kinetic energy E of each electron if the tunneling probability or transmittance is 0.001 (i.e. 0.1% of the electrons tunnel through the barrier)?


    Identify the similarities and differences between the time-independent Schrödinger equations and the equation governing the law of conservation of energy.

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