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1: Introduction

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  • We are in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic and this introduction provides two types of information content.  The first deals with the topic of the class, and the second deals with the technologies used to run the class in a hybrid environment.


    clipboard_ef242a54bdcd4dfdfbcd8ba9375820387.pngFigure \(\PageIndex{1}\):Suggested diagram on how to navigate the hybrid components of the class. 

    Many student find taking a hybrid class to be more challenging than a regular class and simply speaking, we need to use digital technologies. We will be using multiple digital technologies and the sooner you master them the better off you will be.  We are using the same table of contents across all platforms, so section 4.2 Deals with Molecular Compounds, and the assignments are all related. Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\) outlines a prudent schema for traversing the course material. It is suggested that before each lecture you read the LibreText part on that lecture and review the Google Classroom activity.  We will typically spend the first half hour going over material, and the remaining time working on the Google Doc in Google Classroom in small groups using Zoom Breakout rooms.  You need to edit the Google doc during the class period, not before or after, and the Google Classroom portion of your grade will be based on whether you show up in the history of the document.  As soon as the class is over you will be provided the key, and you have until midnight of the next day to take the quiz in ADAPT.  But you only get one chance at the quiz, and it is suggested that you review the "Test Yourself" section of the LibreText learning module, and if necessary, the associated homework.  These all give instant feedback, and if you need more help, go to the online Tutor sessions, as posted in Google Classroom.  Once you think you have mastered the material, go to that section in ADAPT and take the quiz.  Many of the quizzes will require you to take a photo of your work and upload it to ADAPT.




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