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Material Since Exam 3 for the Final

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  • Spontaneous process
    Entropy (S): A measure of disorder
    Determining a + or – entropy for a situation
    Str = Htr/Ttr

    Srxn = [Sproducts - Sreactants]
    G = H - TS
    For the following are they spontaneous at all temperatures, low tem, high temp or non-spontaneous at all temperatures.
    Grxn = [Gf products - Gf reactants]
    Grxn = - RT LnKp
    Redox Reactions
    Steps to balancing a redox reaction
    Galvanic cells
    Cell diagrams: Shows the components of an electrochemical cell in a symbolic way.

    Ecell = E(cathode) + E(anode)
    Standard hydrogen electrode (SHE)

    G = -NFEcell
    Ecell = (0.025693 V / N)LnKeq

    Ecell= Ecell - (0.0592 V / N)LogQ
    (Time)(Current) = Charge
    Common dry cell battery
    Car batteries

    Lewis structures of organic compounds
    Alkanes (saturated) hydrocarbons only contain H and sp3 hybridized carbons.
    Thermal cracking: The process of breaking down large alkanes into smaller alkanes.
    Nomenclature of alkanes

    Nomenclature halogens

    Nomenclature of alkenes

    Nomenclature of alkynes
    Halogenation of Alkenes

    Halogenation of Alkynes

    Hydrogenation of alkenes

    Hydrogenation of alkynes

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