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14.3: Determination of a Solubility Constant Prep

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  • Materials
    • Whatman 3 filter paper
    • 10 hot plates
    • 10 balances


    • 1.5 L of saturated lead chloride solution. 
    • 300 mL of 0.5 M potassium chromate solution


    Instructions for making solutions:
    1. Put 1.5 grams of solid lead(II) chloride into 1.5 L of water.  Stir for 30 minutes.  There will be some solid remaining.  Transfer into 5 bottles.  Put some solid lead(II) chloride into the bottom of each bottle to maintain saturation. 
    2. Warning: potassium chromate is carcinogenic.  Wear gloves, glasses and apron.  Wash hands after using. 


    Waste bottles are needed.


    SDS Info
    • Lead (II) Chloride – Health Hazard – harmful if swallowed or inhaled; Health hazard – carcinogen; Health Hazard – reproductive toxicity; Exclamation point – causes damage to organs; Environmental – aquatic toxicity
    • Potassium Chromate – Exclamation point – causes skin irritation; Health Hazard – may cause allergic skin reaction; Health Hazard – causes serious eye irritation;  Health hazard – may cause respiratory irritation; Health hazard – mutagenicity; Health hazard – carcinogen; Environmental – aquatic toxicity
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