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0: Prerequisite knowledge

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    Assumed Prerequisite Knowledge: All material taught in prerequisite (and standard) General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Courses, including...

    • Atomic Structure (including orbital shapes, predicting electron configurations, and periodic trends)
    • Simple Bonding Theory (Valence Bond Theory, Lewis structures, skeletal structures, resonance, VSEPR, molecular polarity)
    • Basic concepts of thermodynamics (electrochemistry, solubility equilibria, relationship between free energy, enthalpy, and entropy)
    • Acid-base theories and concepts (especially Lewis Acid-Base, Electrophile/Nucleophile reactivity, how to predict relative acid/base strength)
    • Basic concepts of kinetics and reaction mechanisms

    From your previous chemistry courses I expect that you know the details of the above so that you can apply them in this course. If any of these topics seems unfamiliar to you, review your General Chemistry or Organic Chemistry book before begining this course.

    This page titled 0: Prerequisite knowledge is shared under a not declared license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Kathryn Haas.

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