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9.2: Creating and Importing Existing Courses (Course View)

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    The ADAPT system allows for the creation of new courses and the reusing of existing courses (with permission of the author).

    Creating New Courses

    1. Log into your instructors account
    2. Click Add Course
      Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): Add a new course to Adapt by clicking "Add Course"
    3. Add the name, section, start and end dates and choose whether you want to make the course public or not. Click "Submit"
      Public courses are available for import by other instructors, private courses are only available for import by you. 
      Figure \(\PageIndex{2}\): Add information about your new course and click "Submit"

    Importing Existing Courses

    Import Course option allows you to clone another course that was created by you or someone else. Gradebook and students' personal information will not be imported.

    1. Log into your instructors account
    2. Click Import Course
      Figure \(\PageIndex{3}\): Import existing course by clicking "Import Course"
    3. Start typing the name of the instructor or the name of the course that you want to import and select the course from the drop-down list.
      Figure \(\PageIndex{4}\): Choose the course that you want to import 
    4. Click “Yes, import course”

    Note: Imported Courses are automatically set to Private. To allow other instructors to have access to the assignments of your newly important course, you have to select Public on the course properties page. Student information is never sharable.

    Duplicating Courses

    If you want to duplicate an existing course on your account, you need to "import" that course (from your account into your account).

    Course View

    The top level of the ADAPT is an overview of your courses that includes a link to access the course, a toggle switch to allow students to view the course (and its assignments and assessment), the course start and end date and some options.


    Each course has three icons on the right side. 

    Figure \(\PageIndex{5}\): Course action icons
    1. Gradebook - opens the gradebook associated with the course
    2. Delete Course - deletes the course permanently
    3. Course Properties - lets you access and edit course information, such as:
    • Name
    • Start and End dates
    • Public/Private
    • Add/Edit/Delete Sections
    • Add/Delete Graders
    • Delete Students or view the course as any of the registered students
    • Set Assignment group weights
    • Set Percent to letter grades conversion
    • Course Gradebook

    9.2: Creating and Importing Existing Courses (Course View) is shared under a CC BY 1.3 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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