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Chemistry LibreTexts

1: LibreTexts Fundamentals

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    The goal of the LibreTexts project is to establish a vetted, comprehensive, and widely-used platform for the dissemination and implementation of customized course materials for post-secondary courses, while significantly reducing existing textbook costs for students. The LibreTexts project consists of 13 independently operating and interconnected “libraries” that focus on augmenting education in separate fields via a series of open-access online textbook environments that includes complementary ancillaries that advance diverse pedagogical methods and support multiple student learning styles. The LibreTexts libraries currently benefits over 100 million students per year and is arguably the most visited chemistry website in the world.

    • 1.1: Project Overview
      General Overview of the LibreTexts Project
    • 1.2: Project Organization
      The content in the Libretexts is organized in the following sections (which may not be fully implemented in each constituent librarian of the project the chemistry library is most developed).
    • 1.3: Orientation
    • 1.4: Course Shell Checklist
      A simplified checklist for constructing course shells and remixes.
    • 1.5: Workshop Skills Checklist
      This is the basic and Advance Skills check list for Workshops using the skills outlined in this Construction Guide.
    • 1.6: Quick Start
    • 1.7: Single Sign On (SSO) - External Authentication
      There are two primary mechanisms for logging into LibreTexts libraries. The first is direct authentication that involves adding your username and password directly on the horizontal grey bar on the top of any LibreTexts page. The alternative is the Single Sign On (SSO) infrastructure that allows users to use campus credentials to authenticate. This is available for any user with an email that is either Google- or Microsoft enabled (most US campuses).

    1: LibreTexts Fundamentals is shared under a CC BY 1.3 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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