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1.2.3: Polyatomic Ions

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  • Learning Objectives

    • Give the name, formula, and charge of specific polyatomic ions.

    Polyatomic Ions

    As the name implies, a polyatomic ion is a charged molecule. Many polyatomic ions exist, but in CHE 101 we expect that you will learn the name, formula, and charge of these specific ions.

    1+ ammonium ion NH4+1
    1- hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate) ion HCO3-1
    hydrogen sulfate (bisulfate) ion HSO4-1
    nitrite ion NO2-1
    nitrate ion NO3-1
    cyanide ion CN-1
    hydroxide ion OH-1
    dihydrogen phosphate ion H2PO4-1
    2- carbonate ion CO3-2
    sulfate ion SO4-2
    monohydrogen phosphate ion HPO4-2
    3- phosphate ion PO4-3