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1.1.3: Memorizing Element Names and Symbols

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    Learning Objectives

    • Identify the elements by name and symbol.

    Elements You Should Know

    Memorize the names and symbols for the following elements. Flash cards can be found on Canvas.

    Hydrogen H

    Helium He

    Lithium Li

    Beryllium Be

    Boron B

    Carbon C

    Nitrogen N

    Oxygen O

    Fluorine F

    Neon Ne

    Sodium Na

    Magnesium Mg

    Aluminum Al

    Silicon Si

    Phosphorus P

    Sulfur S

    Chlorine Cl

    Argon Ar

    Potassium K

    Calcium Ca

    Scandium Sc

    Titanium Ti

    Vanadium V

    Chromium Cr

    Manganese Mn

    Iron Fe

    Cobalt Co

    Nickel Ni

    Copper Cu

    Zinc Zn

    Gallium Ga

    Germanium Ge

    Arsenic As

    Selenium Se

    Bromine Br

    Krypton Kr

    Technetium Tc

    Silver Ag

    Tin Sn

    Iodine I

    Barium Ba

    Platinum Pt

    Gold Au

    Mercury Hg

    Lead Pb

    Radon Rn

    Uranium U

    Plutonium Pu

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