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Homework 9

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    The wavelength of the red line in the Hydrogen spectrum is 656 nm (\(656 \times 10^{-9}\; m\)). What is the wavenumber and frequency of it?


    Find the uncertainty of simultaneously measuring the frequency and wavelength of an emission, if the wavelength is 430 nm and the excited state lifetime is 0.50 nanoseconds.


    Which of the following set of molecules: \(O_2\), \(HF\), \(CCl_4\), \(H_2O\) and \(CO\) exhibit a microwave spectrum?


    The rotational constant for the ground vibrational state for \(^{12}C^{16}O\), denoted \(B_0\) is 1.9314 cm-1. Using the rigid rotor approximation to calculate the equilibrium internuclear distance.


    Calculate the frequency of the \(J = 4 \rightarrow 3\) transition in the pure rotational spectra of \(^{14}N^{16}O\) and \(O_2\). The equilibrium bond lengths are 115 pm and 121 pm.

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