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Molecular Luminescence Spectroscopy

General Reference:

  1. Know the possible deactivation processes available to a molecule which absorbs a photon and undergoes an electronic energy transition.

  2. Be able to explain the impact of molecular structure, temperature, solvent, and concentration on fluorescence.

    Harvey 10.6.3 -- solvent effects

  3. Be able to explain the various instrumental components and diagrams for fluorimeters and spectrofluorimeters.

    Harvey 10.6.1 (This site asks for user name and password, but opens without them when “cancel” is selected)

  4. Be able to acquire and process data from an analysis. This includes, but is not limited to (quantitative analysis): obtaining a signal for a blank, standards, and unknown; taking into account how the sample was processed (sample blank), which includes dilutions of both the sample and standards; plotting the data (Signal vs. Concentration) and obtaining a calibration curve; calculating a limit of detection for the analyte.

    Harvey 10, end of chapter problems. 40-43