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Homework Problems Chapter 12

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    Section 1

    Exercise 1

    The coordination compound CH3Co(CO)4 undegoes a migratory insertion. What is the reaction product?



    Section 2

    Exercise 1

    Identify all oxidative additions in the catalytic cycle of olefin hydroformylation:



    Step D --> E is an oxidative addition

    Formation of HCo(CO)4 from Co2(CO)8 is also an oxidative addition.

    Exercise 2

    1. What are the reaction products of the following olefin metathesis reactions?

    a) 2 CH2=CH-Ph -->

    b) n CH2=CH-CH=CH2 -->


    a) CH2=CH2 and Ph-CH=CH-Ph

    b) CH2=CH2 and (CH=CH)n

    Exercise 3

    What reaction product would you expect would you expect from the following reaction:

    Fe(CO)42- + CH3CH2I -->

    Name the reaction.


    Fe(CO)4CH2CH3- + I- Nucleophilic displacement

    Exercise 4

    Which of the following phosphines would you expect to be most suitable to stabilize metals in low oxidation states:

    a) P(CF3)3

    b) P(CH3)3

    c) PH3


    a) P(CF3)3

    Exercise 5

    What reaction product would you expect from the following reaction?

    Pt(PPh3)4 + 4 NPh3 -->


    There would be no reaction.

    Exercise 6

    Which of the following complexes would likely be unstable:

    a) [PtCl3(C2H5)]2-

    b) [PtCl3(CH3)]2-

    c) PtCl42-


    a) [PtCl3(C2H5)]2-

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