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Acid-Base Pairs (Worksheet)

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    Work in groups on these problems. You should try to answer the questions without referring to your textbook. If you get stuck, try asking another group for help.


    Determine the conjugate acid for each:

    \(H_2O\) \(F^-\)-
    \(HCO_3^-\) \(SO_4^{2-}\)
    \(OH^-\) \(PO_4^{3-}\)
    \(H_2PO_4^-\) \(Cl^-\)
    \(ClO_4^-\) \(CH_3COO^-\)
    \(SH^-\) \(CN^-\)
    \(HSO_4^-\) \(NH_3\)

    Determine the conjugate base for each:

    \(H_2O\) \(HF\)
    \(HCO_3^-\) \(HSO_4^-\)
    \(OH^-\) \(HPO_4^{2-}\)
    \(H_3PO_4\) \(HCl\)
    \(HBrO_2\) \(CH_3COOH\)
    \(H_2S\) \(HOCN\)
    \(HSO_4^-\) \(NH_3\)

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