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21.1: Abbreviations Used

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  • Ph = Phenyl group, or clipboard_ea97ce2d52883e1c42209916d9eb65928.pngExample: Phenyl chloride clipboard_e9a016fee42ed5b243f62680b52295bcf.png or PhCl

    Ar = Aryl group, or clipboard_eb5bf1c3e8fb8806c693b7a2b0fbe5241.png (S is a substituent on the benzene ring).  Example: Aryl chloride clipboard_e00e52d455ac78c73f1d5d004eee98e4f.pngor ArCl. 

    The nature and position of S may remain unspecified.

    Ac = Acyl group, or clipboard_e090113a91cc812e5491fb51cec7ae48c.pngExample: Acyl chloride clipboard_e9246c87b3ffe46ed69346f8f565d3e48.pngor AcCl

    AcO = Acetoxy group, or clipboard_ea9060d12be741907e09124c733e0e02b.pngExample: Acetic acid clipboard_e454ccf1e238860857af9c9fc6cc929f7.pngor AcOH

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