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Writing Assignment

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  • Chemistry 124A Spring 2010
    Inorganic Chemistry in Biology (1000 words)

    Choose one of the enzymes listed below and describe some of the key features of the metalloenzyme structure and function. You should focus on the structure and function of the metal active sites in the enzymes. In addition to general information about the metalloenzyme that you find interesting, explain what you learn related to topics that we've discussed in class. eg. assign the point group symmetry of the metallo enzyme center and it's immediate ligand environment, assign the point group symmetry of each metal and it's immediate ligand environment. Comment on the interpretation of IR and Raman spectra if they were measured. If possible, use MO diagrams to rationalize any observed reactivity. Properly cite any material that you use as a source of information.

    Pictures including a line drawing of the active site and schemes of the chemical reactions performed by the enzyme are encouraged. Three people may choose each topic and Thomas has a sign-up sheet for you to claim a topic.

    - ascorbate oxidase
    - laccase
    - CO dehydrogenase
    - horseradish peroxidase
    - cobalamin
    - NiFe hydrogenase
    - Fe only hydrogenase
    - urease
    - nitrogenase
    - cytochrome P450
    - carbonic anhydrase
    - ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase (rubisco)
    - methane monooxygenase (MMO)
    - Photosystem II
    - extradiol oxygenase

    Writing assignments will be graded based on clarity of explanation and conciseness in presenting the key features as described above. The use of Figures to illustrate points made in the text is encouraged.