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Creating your Remix

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    Creating your Remix

    1. To insert a chapter or section from an existing book simply find it in the Library panel and drag it to where you want it in your remix. You can also drag over a whole book. If you do so make sure to insert the book above the existing book symbol or your new book will be inserted as chapter one (if that happens simply select the "book chapter" and press "merge folder up"). You can edit your remix by inserting or deleting pages and dragging sections and chapters around as you wish.
    2. To change the name of a section or chapter first select it in the remixing panel and then press "page properties" or simply double click it.  
    3. Your remixing map will be automatically stored on the computer you are working on but you can also save it to a file by selecting "Save Map". This allows you to share your remixing map across computers or with other people. 
    4. When you are ready to publish your remix press the green "publish" button. You will first see an overview screen of your remix. If you are happy with it press "publish" at the bottom of the left publish summary. You can follow the publishing process as your remix is being created in the right panel. When it is all done click the link at the bottom of the right panel.   

    Creating your Remix is shared under a not declared license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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