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11: Chapter 11 - Group 12

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    • 11.1: Chemistry of Zinc
      Zinc (Zn) is a blue-white metal of moderate strength, hardness and ductility. Zinc is one of the least common elements and is mostly produced through electrolysis of aqueous zinc sulfate. About one third of all metallic zinc is used to manufacture galvanized nails. Because of its low melting point and its ability to form bonds with iron or steel, it serves to coat the metal and protect it from corrosion. Metallic zinc is also used to make dry cell batteries.
    • 11.2: Chemistry of Cadmium
      Cadmium, a transition metal, has the chemical symbol of Cd. Cadmium is located in the d-block and 12 group of the periodic table possessing an atomic number of 48 and an atomic mass of 112.411g. Cadmium was discovered in Germany in 1817, by a German scientist, Friedrich Strohmeyer. This element was very commonly used as a sacrificial anode to protect iron and steel from corroding and is also used in nickel-cadmium batteries. Cadmium is highly toxic so it should be used and handled with caution.
    • 11.3: Chemistry of Mercury
      Mercury, or Hydrargyrum, has a symbol of Hg. Mercury is a transition metal element that is very unique because it is the only metal element that exist in a liquid form at room temperature. Due to the liquid property of the metal element Mercury, it is used in thermometers. Other uses for the element Mercury can be found in barometers, gas-pressure regulators, electrodes, and electrical relays and switches.
    • 11.4: Chemistry of Copernicium
      Element 112 was synthesized in 1996 at the GSI in Darmstadt, Germany by Hofmann, et. al. Lead was bombarded with zinc atoms to achieve a mass total of 277. In July of 2009 the name "copernicium" and symbol "Cn" (in honor of Copernicus) were submitted to the IUPAC.

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