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12.7: Oxidizing Agents

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  • There are a series of oxidizing agents that you will be introduced to in this chapter.

    Peroxy acids

    Peroxy acids will react with alkenes to form epoxides. Most peroxyacids will accomplish this reaction but one of the most common is meta-chloroperoxybenzoic acid (mCPBA).

    12 7 mcpba.png

    Osmium Tetraoxide

    Osmium tetraoxide is used to react with alkenes to form a syn diol. 

    12 7 osmium tetraoxide.png


    Ozone is used to cleave alkenes, oxidizing both alkene carbons to carbonyl compounds.

    12 7 ozone.png

    Chromium reagents

    Several compounds that include choromium (VI) are strong oxidizing agents. One of the uses of these reagents is oxidation of alcohols with either choromium (VI) oxide or pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC).

    12 7 chromium agents.png


    • Layne A. Morsch - University of Illinois Springfield