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2: Describing Quantum systems

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    • 2.1: Describing Matter-Waves
      How to describe a Quantum Mechanical particle, and the consequences of the wave-like behavior.  By looking at the description of the a free electron we tackle the relationship between the probability to find a particle in space and the knowledge about its momentum.
    • 2.2: The Uncertainty Principle
      An electron possesses both particle and wave properties.  Werner Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle states that it is impossible to precisely describe both the location and the speed of particles that exhibit wavelike behavior.
    • 2.3: The Schrödinger Equation for a Wave
      The time dependent Schrödinger equation provides the mathematical description for the behavior of a wave-particle.
    • 2.4: Operators, Observables and Wavefunctions
      The mathematical description of wave-particles requires the understanding of operators, observables and wavefunctions.
    • 2.5: Overview of Particle in a box
    • 2.6: A Particle in a Multidimensional Box
      Increasing the dimensionality of the system allows for degenerate states, where the probability densities are different but the energies are the same.

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